Thursday, 30 April 2009

Over £10,000 from our London Marathon runners!!!

I've just checked the Justgiving pages of our London Marathon runners to see how their fundraising finished up. There may well be more to come, but as of today we already have an amazing grand total of £9,321 plus £833 from Gift Aid, so breaking the £10k mark.

Rory and Kerry managed to raise over £7.5k between them including the proceeds from the car-wash and coffee-morning at the church, and a fundraising pub-crawl (as Kerry said, it was her 'yang' to counter the 'ying' of Rory's car-wash, just not sure it was great final preparation a few week's before the marathon...), with the balance being made up by Dave's total, including the money raised at his business network dinner.

So from the efforts of these 3 individuals who have been touched by Ross's story enough to dedicate their own time and energy to raise money to help people with epilepsy, the NSE are £10k better off. I can't thank Rory, Kerry and Dave enough for this, and I think they already know how much it means to me.

If you have been inspired by their efforts, and feel like you might just be interested in giving the London Marathon a go in 2010, please let me know at as I'm feeling a bit inspired myself (even more so than I do every year having just watched the marathon...).

To run, or not to run???

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