Monday, 27 April 2009

The London Marathon 2009

We had a great day in London yesterday cheering on the runners at the London Marathon, especially our 3 heroic runners for the NSE, who each have had their injury problems to content with, but who all finished safely.

It was a beautiful sunny day, ideal for watching, but maybe a little hot for running.

All 3 did really well, with Rory as the surprise front-finisher. With only 1 mile to go, he was striding along as if he was just out for a brief jog...

Dave also did really well and even stopped for a chat.

And it may look like Kerry had decided to get a piggy-back from this old dear...

...but she did actually run the whole way, through considerable pain due to a knee injury.

Ross enjoyed every minute of it!

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claire hannah said...

I love this pic of Clair and Ross - makes me smile!