Wednesday, 10 September 2008

"What do you mean you're going back to work Dad?"

1st September saw me back to work and Fin starting nursery school (30 x 3 year olds, one teacher, all in French...) all in one week. Quite a shock to the system and a change from the little routine we'd got ourselves into, but we need to have some sort of normality in our lives and that means work and school.

Ross continues to grow - he's pretty much filling 3-6 month clothes now - but his movements are still random and his eyes don't fix on us at all. He seems to like the baby massage which we were shown how to do by a friend in NI, and he loves his baths where he just chills out. We need to find more stuff he likes...

Amazing sums of money being donated on where over £8200 (plus £1500 Gift Aid) has been raised to the National Society for Epilepsy on top of the £5150 raised for CLIC Sargent. I hate to single out anyone who has sponsored us, but we really must say a huge thank you to Simon, Emma, Darcey and Dillon for their very kind gesture of asking guests at Dillon's Christening to make a donation of sponsorship rather than buying presents - over £600 raised! Also to Clair's Auntie Anna who raised money by hosting a Virgin Vie party (whatever that is - I'm sure there was wine involved...). Thanks also to Simon N and Joao C for your very generous sponsorship.

Trying to stay optimistic - those of you that are praying for Ross, please keep doing so.