Thursday, 19 February 2009

Ross has finally managed to get over the cough which has been bugging him since Christmas. He's been in much better form the past few weeks and enjoyed a visit from his Gran & Grandad a few weekends ago.

His sleeping is still a little erratic but is hopefully heading in the right direction. He's also eating ok and knows what tastes he likes and what he doesn't - another little something that we never thought he'd be able to do.
With physio starting this week, and first visit to the paediatrician early March things are starting to happen following our trip to Great Ormond Street. Good timing as our stash of medication we brought from France is rapidly coming to an end and we need to get the UK supply sorted.

We enjoyed Valetines Day with a day out to Polesden Lacey National Trust property where there was a chocolate festival. Fin first of all covered his face with chocolate from the chocolate fountain and then got his face painted before scaring all old ladies within roaring distance.

Our only other news for now is that we've had an offer accepted on a house in Bookham. Hopefully it will all go through quite quickly and we'll be in our own house in April!

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