Friday, 12 December 2008

End of the expat era...

So the moving men arrive on Monday and by the end of next week we'll be surrounded by boxes in our temporary house in near London.

We decided to move back to UK after giving it a go here in France, but given everything that's going on with Ross, we decided several weeks ago that we need to be back in UK in order to make everything just a wee bit easier, to be a bit closer to friends and family, to ensure Ross gets everything he needs, and to make sure we get the help required to keep us sane.

My employers Unilever have been fantastic; they have been very sensitive to our personal situation, and have gone beyond the normal expectations to make our move back as easy as possible. I've worked for them for over 12 years and how they have managed our changing circumstance confirms that they are without a doubt the best company in the world to work for.

Rich and I have also planned some training for Mont Blanc. At the end of January he plans on getting me up this - Buachaille Etive Mor at the top of Glencoe in Scotland. I think some jogging either side of Christmas dinner may be required.

Ross has been pretty content when awake the past week or so - we're hoping it may be a turning point in that he may be becoming a bit less agitated. He has also slept until 5am a few nights recently - a vast improvement on 3am...

We're off to see a specialist eye doctor tomorrow - apparently he'll be able to tell us if Ross is seeing anything or not so we're keeping our fingers crossed for some good news. Will let you know.

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