Friday, 26 December 2008

Antibiotics and inhalers for Christmas...

So Ross seemed to get over his vomiting bug only to come down with a chesty cough, which made him vomit... We saw a doctor on 23rd and got some antibiotics to combat a bacterial infection but he was not in great form and still was not feeding very well.

On Christmas morning he was really chesty, with laboured breathing, really shallow and wheezy. We called NHS 24 and got sent straight to the A&E department of the local hospital. There the doctor siad it's likely a viral infection (which antibiotics dont work on) and gave him some inhaler which eased his breathing straight away. He suggested keeping him in for monitoring but we've had our fill of hospital wards this year and agreed that we could monitor him just as well at home.

OnBoxing Day morning he seems a bit better although he did vomit up all his medication. We've been giving him the inhaler regularly and following 2 massive poos (last one was 6 days ago...) he seems much better this afternoon.

Fin, on the other hand, has had a fantastic Christmas!

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