Friday, 27 March 2009

Mont Blanc from a distance...

We had a great week away skiing last week in Les Gets in the French Alps. Clair and I only skied half days whilst the other was with Ross, but the snow was great and we ony saw a few clouds all week - perfect conditions.

Fin enjoyed ski school and had no problems getting pulled uphill on the rope or skiing down the slope - it's a good job we were only there for a week or he'd have ended up better (although not faster...) than me. Ross enjoyed the attention and it was great spending a full week with him again, despite the nights on the sofa.

Mont Blanc was ever present on the horizon - it does look big...
We were there with our good friends and their kids. If there was one thing that made the week difficult, it was seeing their kids, who are just weeks older than Ross, toddling around, laughing and throwing food around. How we wish Ross had been able to join in, although that's the situation and we have to live with it, no matter how difficult.

Ross does bring us lots of joy too. Like most blokes, as long as he's had a decent feed and a good sleep, he's content. And he loves his baths, especially with Fin.

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