Friday, 24 October 2008

'Tis the season...almost

The nights are drawing in, the glass is falling and there's a storm a-brewing. Winter is on its way and with it (hopefully) snow, ice, coldness and general brrrrr. Let's hope for a good season so I can give Karl another taste of winter climbing, complete with hot aches, chapped lips and wind burn. Lovely.

There is another feeling that this time of year brings - particularly when the clocks go back. My body is conditioned to associate this change in season with Archie's death. He died on the 14th of the November 1998, a day that also coincided with a light dusting of snow. Hence I can get a bit miserable at this time of year - it is not Seasonal Affective Disorder, but is nonetheless a bit sad. 

This time round of course it will be 10 years, which is a long time and feels like it should be some sort of milestone. It doesn't stop hurting, but luckily for us, the time has been filled with plenty of moments of joy, courtesy of Kirsty, the children, family and friends which combine to make the periods of hurt less frequent. Without this, time would indeed play heavily on me.

We have been to see Karl and Clair, Ross and Fin in Paris a few times, Kirsty and Maddy have another "girl's only" trip booked in November and we hope to see them this side of the water before Xmas. The house next door to ours was up for sale a while ago but I couldn't convince them to buy it - something about Nottingham's reputation for gun crime, I think...either that or Karl doesn't want to share the Wii Fit. I feel like I'm in Rocky IV - he's got all the technology of Ivan Drago, while I am out running up and down hills in the cold. I seem to remember Rocky gave Drago a good shoeing...

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