Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Summer tour of wet UK (and first chest infection scare...)

At the beginning of August we met Rich and his family when they came to stay around Paris. It was great to see them and we're all looking forward to actually doing the trip we planned together for this year at some stage next summer.
Ross then spent the past 2 weeks with us staying with our families in Scotland and Northern Ireland. It did stop raining a few times...

During this time our families got to spend some quality time with Ross, but going hand in hand with being in contact with lots of people goes the increased risk of infection due to Ross's immune system being reduced due to the steroid treatment. As a result we did spend some time with doctors and in hospital, but that was a 'blip' on an otherwise enjoyable trip, including one sunny day on Portsteward Strand beach!
My fitness training has been a bit erratic but having seen the total amount on increase to over £13,000 including Gift Aid I'm determined that Rich and I will climb Mont Blanc during summer 2009.

The total has been increased dramatically thanks to £1100 raised by my Auntie Kathleen from her 60th birthday donations and £325 raised by my future sister in law Leanne and her friend Julie from their own half-marathon efforts. A huge thank you to them!!!

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